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What can a Redbird Simulator do for the Classroom?

Aviation in the classroom fosters well-rounded students that excited and engaged. Students in aviation programs become not future leaders in the aviation and aerospace industry, but in all walks of life.

  • Creates an experiential learning environment--people learn best by doing!
  • Provides an interactive classroom tool that engages and excites students
  • Promotes coursework that grows and advances with students from K-12
  • Propels a passion for learning
  • Jay Velocity
  • Redbird Flight Jay Velocity
  • $3,995
  • The Jay Velocity Edition is a highly robust simulator designed for demanding environments like middle and high schools, museums, and public access kiosks.
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Aviation Teacher, Elizabethton High School

I would highly recommend the Redbird FMX to any organization or school who is interested in providing realistic flight training; starting with the beginning student, all the way up to recurrent training for the most experienced pilot. Our FMX has logged over 1,400 hour in less than 5 ½ years and has been a win, win, win! Redbird offers first class maintenance support and has always put the needs of the operator at the top of their to-do list.

The simulator provides highest level of learning when a person can do what they have just been taught. They hear how to do it, they watch their instructor do it, then they get to do it. Hands on training. It gives high school student a real sense of accomplishment when they can do something well that most adults cannot do.

The FMX is an outstanding training device.


Air Transportation Instructor, Sandusky High School

Sandusky High School has had Redbird Jay simulators with the Alloy rudder pedals since 2016. They are important tool for the students in our aviation technologies program. The Jays add a hands-on learning component that makes class more engaging and meaningful. The simulators have also helped to increase students' interest in the program. They have been a great investment for the school and we are excited to witness the impact they are having on our next generation of engineers, pilots, mechanics, and mathematicians!


Dean of Aviation, West Michigan Aviation Academy (Charter High School)

The Redbird simulator has provided a realistic simulation opportunity within the academic setting of our classroom. Redbird "Facilitators" (student instructors) provide guided learning opportunities to establish baseline checklist and procedural expectations. Frequently students with little to no aviation background can experience first-hand simulation opportunities. Students arrive senior year as "super students" on the flight line!

WMAA would definitely recommend the simulator to other schools because of its ability to provide realistic situations and give accurate representations for students to learn and reinforce procedures, even though the initial cost, delivery, and set-up were challenging to overcome.

The simulator has enabled flight training students to practice flight maneuvers prior to actual aircraft flight training. The ability to provide a relatively realistic training environment with a pause button to stop and provide immediate feedback, instruction, and reflection has been essential for our students.